24 Jan 2018
Leading Businesses through Digital Transformation
24 Jan 2018 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM Export to Calendar 
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Houston , TX - United States

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Trond Ellefsen
CEO, Invatare LLC

Leading Businesses through Digital Transformation”

Trond Ellefsen is an electrical engineer by education. Before coming to the US in 2011, he served 20 years in multiple leadership and global positions in Norsk Hydro ASA, Statoil ASA and five years as CIO for Statoil North America of which he was Special Advisor on Digital Strategy the last two years. Not following a normal career pattern, Trond resigned from Statoil  4 weeks ago to become the CEO of the holding company, Norse Digital Inc., in order to run the daily operation and buildup of the spearhead company within autonomous operation and artificial intelligence;  Invatare LLC. The name points to companies with roots in Norway and Norse Technology, whereas the company, Invatare Company, has been operating in full stealth mode to dodge attention from competitors to what they are actually doing.  In his presentation, Trond will lift the curtain a little to reveal how they have uniquely positioned themselves in order to build businesses for the future with some of the smartest people and the best technology available.

Content of Presentation

Never in the history of mankind has change run faster or created more ripple effects in the fabric of the world than what we are currently experiencing.  Most senior executives are still carefully watching, observing and trying to set the right course of action to master these unprecedented technological forces that are most likely to cannibalize current revenue streams.   What most executives do NOT seem to understand, is the increasing velocity of this change, and how fast their current business models are becoming obsolete.  Most leaders are insensible to the true potential of the changing of the operational business chessboard being at their disposal. Without an operational redesign, however, these actions will remain shallow and not likely to create enough transformational power to make any real difference.

The presentation is non-technical and fun and will guide, debate and provoke. The speaker will discuss how businesses, professions, products and money will radically change and affect all of us over the next 5-10 years.

The speaker’s mission is to challenge, provide food for thought and hopefully reshape some of the conventional thinking and mindset which currently limit us from taking advantage of the opportunities within the digital revolution we are in the beginning of.



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