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Norwegian Young Professionals Association (NYPA), an association under NACC, was established in 2015 to bring together talented, qualified and ambitious Norwegian young professionals, up to 35 years of age, living and operating in the Houston area. The idea is to celebrate their contribution to the community, share their stories and inspire each other to encourage professional and personal development. As a member of NYPA (Houston), you will be invited to attend networking events in a variety of locations around Houston, professional events with exciting keynote speakers within a wide range of industries as well as interact with other young professionals, both Norwegian and other nationalities. Members include students, volunteers and young professionals in any industry and we hope to create a place for new ideas, interactions amongst equal minded people, a learning platform, a security system and a creative and fun group to be part of.


Our goal is to become a recognized society for Norwegian Young Professionals to encourage community involvement by providing a variety of opportunities and create unique professional development events through a network of equal minded people.

Mission Statement

Enhance collaboration and knowledge sharing between young professionals across different industries to encourage innovation and creative thinking while offering our members great prospects for professional and personal growth.

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