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  • Norway in the U.S.A – Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Embassy, Consulates General, Honorary Consuls News, Events, Culture, Society, Business:

  • Innovation Norway  (IN) creates value by stimulating to profitable business development throughout Norway. Their programs and services are intended to create more successful entrepreneurs, more enterprises with capacity for growth and more innovative business clusters. IN supports Norwegian companies in their internationalization process by offering market advisory services to increase the chance of international success for small and medium-sized companies. IN has office locations in New York, Houston, San Francisco/Silicon Valley, Washington D.C. and in Toronto.

    •  IN contributes to:

  • Enhancing innovation in Norwegian enterprises and industry

  • Building competitive Norwegian enterprises at both domestic and international markets

  • Promoting Norwegian enterprises

  • Promoting Norway as an attractive tourist destination

  • Securing development in rural areas

  • Transforming ideas into successful business cases

  • Promote interaction between enterprises, knowledge communities and R&D institutions

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